About Me

Rachel Weisenthal grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago, with heavy Wisconsin influence from her father. A group of die-hard Packers, Brewers and Bucks fans, professional sports reigned king in the Weisenthal family home. Rachel, always having an affinity for music, moved to Austin in the fall of 2015 to attend the University of Texas. There, she discovered her passion for the music industry was more than just a childhood dream.  Following her sophomore year, Rachel spent her first summer in Nashville, an experience she had looked forward to her whole life. Despite high expectations, Nashville not only meet but exceeded them, and Rachel had found a forever home. While she leaves a piece of heart in ATX whenever she is not there, the same is now true of Nashville. She spent the fall of 2017 in Los Angeles, through the UT in LA program working full time for credit, while taking industry-specific classes at night. Rachel’s wonderful time spent at Live Nation as an intern was hugely responsible for making LA yet another home base of hers, and the destination of her move come May. Her passion for music is nearly matched by a love for fashion and keeping up with current events, as well as bouncing between her favorite cities whenever possible. While it is her lifelong dream to be an artist manager, she is open to all opportunities that may come her way. Rachel will be graduating in the spring of 2019 with a Bachelors in Communication Studies with concentrations in marketing and the music/entertainment business.